Exhibitors Profile

 Agriculture Land Levelers
 Agricultural Spare Parts
 Animal Operated Implements
 Analytical Instruments & Equipments
 Balers And Straw Handling
 Crop Drying
 Cleaning, Grading & Weighing
 Chemical Spraying
 Fertilizers Dril & Spreaders
 Forestry Machinery
 Farm Building & Power
 Greenhouse Technology
 Grassland/Forge Harvesting
 Harvesting Machine (Combine)
 Hand Operated Implements
 Maize Sheller
 Miscellaneous Equipments
 Other Agricultural Equipments
 Pesticides Separators
 Plastics Crates & Bins Horticulture
 Power Machinery
 Rice Transplanter
 Seed Drill
 Storage & Handling Machinery
 Sowing & Planting Equipments
 Vegetable & Root Crop Harvesting
 Workshop Tools & Equipments
 Irrigation SystemsAgro Chemicals
 Fertilizers Manufacturers
 Seeds & Seeds Technologies
 Hybrid Grains & Crops
 Banks, Financial & Insurance Services
 Education & Training
 Logistics & Distribution
 Research & Marketing Organizations
 IT Services
 Technical Magazines, Publications
 Trade Organizers
 Government Departments

Quality Farmers, Potential Enquiries

"Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture is as necessary to Agriculture as Sowing". Farmers ensure directing the right scope and opportunities to them. The visitors will get exposure to new products, technology and services along with the knowledge, networking and business opportunity through a single window event - Agri India Expo.

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